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Cardiff 36 Circle of the Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is a Catholic men’s group founded in Manchester in 1908. Cardiff 36 Circle, as the name would suggest, is the 36th Circle of the Association. The Circle was inaugurated in August 1919 and was the first Circle in Wales. It is, thus, regarded as the premier Circle in the Principality. The Association is divided geographically into Provinces and Cardiff Circle is part of Province 12 which covers an area from Swindon in the east, Weston-s-Mare in the south, Swansea in the west and Hereford in the north.

The “catchment area” for membership of the Cardiff Circle is generally the City of Cardiff, Caerphilly and the east end of the Vale of Glamorgan.  There are also Circles in Newport, Rhondda Valley and Bridgend that cover the areas around Cardiff and beyond that other Circles in S Wales in Swansea and  Abergavenny. Currently Cardiff Circle has approximately 50 members.

If, after visiting this web-site, you have found something of interest, please see the Membership Page for the contact details of the Membership Officer who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. It is very difficult sometimes to explain what Catenianism is and it is much easier to see it in action.

If you live anywhere in the UK outside the Cardiff Circle “catchment” the Membership Officer will be able to give you details of who to contact at the most appropriate Circle.