Posted by: Cardiff 36 Webmaster | 23 October 2021

It’s 10 In A Row for Cardiff

The crowd were on the pitch, they thought it was all over …. and indeed it was never in doubt when Cardiff Circle entered the annual Provincial Quiz hosted by Newport Circle at the Fugitives RFC! Which was effectively how they were greeted on arrival and throughout the evening.

Br Mike Murphy set a challenging quiz with two picture rounds which may not have contained any Catholics at all never mind the Popes, Cathedrals, Shrines and Saints that is the normal meat and drink for Br Peter Sullivan. Nonetheless, the Cardiff Circle team with usual Team captain Bernard Adshead and long time Team member John Roberts both unavailable, playing under the name BAD HEADS BUT NO BADSHEAD , saw off the challenge to win with over 80 points, compared with the second-place team in the 70+ points and third place team with 69 points. The Cup was reunited with the carrier bag in which it arrived and will be returned to Br Bernard in due course.

While it was its customary good evening the turnout was a disappointment. With Swindon sending two teams, Newport deploying two teams of at least six (all agreed before we started) and Monmouth-Wyedean, Weston-s-Mare and Cardiff only having one team of four each (Director Br Bob Hussey was also present, although it’s not clear which team he joined), the room was only half-full and indeed the buffet was set out in the room rather than on the pool table next door – the first time this is known to have happened.

Nonetheless, they came, they saw and they answered more questions right than the others. Br Mark knew his Henries, Br Martin was a demon on identifying biscuits (who eats Bath Olivers anyway?) and Br Peter was able to nail the Bishop of Rochester even if he couldn’t see him, while Bro Jon managed to write legibly and spell enough of the answers correctly for their knowledge to be marked. All round a good team effort secured Cardiff’s 10th win in a row (2020 not being contested due to the pandemic), and Br’s Mark and Martin even won in the raffle!

Provincial President Barry Paddington presents the Cup to Peter Sullivan
Provincial President with the victorious Cardiff team – l to r – Jon Dartnell, Peter Sullivan, Mark Johnson & Martin Brown


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