World Half Marathon

Has Anyone Seen Mo Farah?  

Cardiff Circle’s own Half-Marathon Man, Bro Don Clarey, took part in the IAAF World Half Marathon in Cardiff on 26 March in the company of some of the world’s elite long distance runners including our own Mo Farah. The race was run in terrible rain and squally conditions and Don finished in just over 2 hours, a very creditable performance. Whilst Don did not even catch sight of Mo’s heels he did raise over £500 for the President’s Charity, forCrohns, which is dedicated to finding a cure for Crohn’s disease. Don is a new member of the Circle and is already showing what an enthusiastic Brother he is.


Bro Don Clarey proudly wearing his medal and sporting his forChrons t-shirt complete with Catenian logo.

don clarey 2 (Large)

don clarey


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