2014 Skittles Evening

Skittles and Curry for Cardiff

Cardiff Circle held its fourth annual Skittles competition at the Birchgrove pub on 27 January 2014. As usual the competition between the 40 brothers and ladies present was extremely fierce. The matches were refereed by Bro Chris Stevens who was quick to penalise any infringement of the rules. The only brief pause in the pursuit of the trophies was to partake of the excellent curry provided to keep up the skittlers’ strength. The match resumed after the meal and this year there were separate trophies for the ladies and the men. In close fought contests the ladies’ high score winner was Josie O’Brien, wife of Bro Phil O’Brien who won the overall trophy for the first two years of the competition, whilst the men’s high score winner was Bro Chris Archer. President Bro Bill O’Brien (no relation to the winner!) presented the trophies to Josie and Chris and whilst there was no prize for the most entertaining player this was adjudged, by popular acclamation, to be Immediate Past President, Bro Mark “Dam Buster” Johnson. 

 Jon Dartnell watches hopefully as his ball speeds down the lane

DSC04997 (Large)

 Referee Chris Stevens chalks up the scores

DSC04998 (Large)

 President Bill presents the trophies to Josie & Chris


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