Severn Valley Railway

Steam Trains and Elephants?

The Severn Valley Railway was the latest adventure for Cardiff Circle when they took a return trip from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth on 10 September. 28 Brothers, wives and sons gathered at a very damp Kidderminster station to take the 10:30 service pulled by the ex-GWR locomotive Erlestoke Manor. Very nostalgic for most of those present who could remember using steam trains for holidays, trips to the seaside or even going to work. A very enjoyable journey up the line was suddenly interrupted when, looking out of the window, elephants, a rhinoceros and some lions were spotted. Had we taken a wrong turning leaving the station? Calm was restored when we realised it was the West Midlands Safari Park! The party continued up to Bridgnorth where, despite the continued rain, the local market and hostelries where explored.  Some took a trip on the Cliff Railway, the only inland funicular in the UK, between the upper and lower parts of the town. On the return journey some of the party alighted at Highley to visit the engine sheds and to see some more of the railway’s collection of vintage engines.


All aboard in the First Class Buffet Car

Chugging up the line behind Erlestoke Manor.


Yes it really was an elephant!


All arrived at Bridgnorth


The Cliff Railway



Pity some got left behind!


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