Royal Mint

Cardiff in the Money

Cardiff Circle recently joined President Mike Halloran and Linda on a trip to the Royal Mint in Llantrisant just outside Cardiff. 25 Brothers and Ladies were given a conducted tour around the facility and were shown how coins are made right from the coils of metal, through the forming of the blanks and the final pressing of the coins. This process has been made more complicated with the issue in the UK of bi-metal coins. Coins are minted for many countries at Llantrisant and also commemorative and sporting medals are produced – all 4700 medals for London 2012 were struck at the Royal Mint. They are the biggest and heaviest Olympic and Paralympic Games medals ever made. After seeing coins being struck the group paid a visit to the museum which traced the history of coinage in the UK and of the Royal Mint from its origins in the Tower of London. The day was rounded off with an excellent meal in a local Trattoria.


The Ladies & the Men surrounded by 1 million £1 coins

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