Romeo & Juliet

Cardiff Thesbians

A visit to the open air theatre has become an annual event for Cardiff Circle and this year 17 members and ladies attended a performance of Romeo & Juliet staged by the Illyria Theatre Company at Dyffryn Gardens on 5 August 2010. The performance was preceded by a picnic in front of the stage and the weather remained fine for the whole evening. Little did three of the group realise that they were destined to take part on stage. Bro David Maddox, Mrs Jackie Good and Mrs Helen Stevens were invited by the cast to the Capulet dance in Act I Scene V. In view of the fact that the Illyria group perform the whole play with only five actors, a few extra to make it look like a proper party were more than welcome.


Bro David Maddox (2nd from left), Jackie Good (3rd from left), Helen Stevens (5th from left)

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