Rachel O’Brien

Rachel’s Return

Members of Cardiff Circle were delighted to welcome to their October post-meeting dinner 17 year old Rachel O’Brien who, along with two other young people, had been given a Bursary Award last year prior to their trip to help out at an orphanage in Belarus. Rachel spoke eloquently about the work that that they had carried out and the plight of the children who were in the orphanage. The main project for the week had been to paint one of the rooms for the children to try to brighten up their accommodation. Rachel thanked the Association for the Bursary Grants they had received and said that the highlight of the trip was the looks on the faces of the children when they saw the finished room.

Rachel speaks to the Circle about her trip to Belarus

DSCN6251 (Large)

DSCN6252 (Large)

Rachel (centre) with the other Bursary recipients, Joe Knight and Maria Benson and some of the children

DSCF2425 (Large)

The final touches are applied to the painted room in the orphanage 

DSCF2408 (Large)


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