Jossy Matthews & Joel Piacentini

10 out of 10 for Cardiff

At its meeting on 19 November 2012, Cardiff Circle enrolled Jossy Matthews and Joel Piacentini and thus achieved their target of enrolling 10 new members during 2012. These enrollments take the circle strength up to 55 and there are another 4 Visiting Gentlemen who are showing an interest in becoming members. President Mark Johnson welcomed the two new brothers saying this was a great period for Cardiff Circle and praised the Class of 2012 for their attendance – 9 of the 10 new brothers were present at the meeting and the 10th was away on holiday. Brother Jossy hails from Kerala in Southern India and after completing his studies there he started work in Northern India, eventually coming the Cardiff University to do a PhD and is now a senior lecturer at Middlesex University. Brother Jossy is married to Dolly and has two children, Allen & Liana. Brother Joel was born in Cardiff and in his childhood was known as Joel Page – his grandfather on coming over from Italy had anglised the name and Brother Joel decided that he wanted to revert to his true family name. In introducing himself to the Circle he said the music was his passion and he left school just waiting for his first record deal as a rock star – unfortunately he is still waiting and so has to earn a living as an Independent Financial Advisor sharing his live with wife Julie.

Pictured l to r

Provincial Councilor Bro John Worthington, Bro Jossy Matthews, President Mark Johnson, Bro Joel Piacentini and Membership Officer Bro Peter Sullivan


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