Jade Home from Holland

 Jumbulance to Holland

 At dinner following their September meeting, Cardiff Circle was given an insight into the Jumbulance Trust charity by 20 year old Jade King who had just returned from a Bursary assisted visit to Holland as a carer. The Jumbulance Trust exists to make it possible for severely disabled and unwell adults, children and dependent elderly people to travel on holidays, pilgrimages and day outings which for most would be impossible by air, rail, standard coach or any other means. Emma spent two weeks on the Jumbulance visiting the various sites in Holland whilst caring for 19 year old Amy-Claire Davies who was born with a unique neurological condition which has progressively worsened the older she has got. Emma said that despite this she is an extremely inspirational girl who never lets her illness get her down and has recently moved into a bungalow by herself in Cardiff run by Scope.


Jade talks to the Circle

photo 1 (Large)

Jade with Amy-Claire in Amsterdam
DSCF6512 (Large)
The Jumbulance with its precious cargo
DSCF6617 (Large)
Inside the Jumbulance
DSCF6430 (Large)


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