Henry V

“Once more unto the breach”

On 22 June 2012 Cardiff Circle made their annual pilgrimage to see the Illyria Theatre Company in an open air performance at Dyffryn Gardens near Cardiff. 29 members, ladies and friends enjoyed a presentation of Henry V given in Illyria’s usual frenetic but polished style which results from all the costume changes and swapping of parts made necessary by the fact that the whole play is performed with only five actors. A picnic was enjoyed before the show commenced and all were in good spirits despite the unseasonably cold June evening.  The small company requires not only frequent costume changes but also males to play female parts and vice-versa. The whole company performed to their usual excellent standard but the audience particularly enjoyed Captain Fluellen, the leader of Henry’s Welsh troops, played by a female with an outrageous moustache and an exaggerated accent and mannerisms.

Members & Friends enjoy a Pre-performance Picnic

“This day is called the feast of Crispan”

Captain Fluellen “Look you!”

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