Hampton Court Castle

An A-maz-ing Day

Cardiff Circle is pleased to report that all the brothers and ladies that entered the maze at Hampton Court Castle near Hereford on Saturday 31 May 2014 made their way out safely. Some did need the help of two of the ladies who were on roof of the tower in the centre of the maze giving directions on the right way to turn. The visit included lunch in the Orangerie followed by a very interesting guided tour around the Castle which we were informed pre-dates its London namesake by 100 years. The Castle had been in a poor state in the 1990s but following its purchase by an American billionaire was restored at a cost of £12 million. The restoration, however, betrays the nationality of the then owner in that the interior resembles an American impression of what a British castle should look like – an impression formed from looking at Hollywood film sets. On a nice sunny day, time was available to visit the extensive formal and hidden gardens and all agreed that it was a very enjoyable day.

Which way did you say it was ……..?

DSCN8093 (Large)

President Gerry Lynch (centre) with other members and ladies

DSCN8135 (Large)

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