Gorman Cup

Gorman Cup goes to Gloucester

The Gorman Cup is the Province 12 trophy for visiting which is kept by the winning circle for 2 months and then is offered for challenge to the other circles in the Province. Cardiff Circle had won the cup in March 2013 and so at their meeting on 20 May the cup was up for challenge. The cup is awarded to the visiting circle with the most number of points which are calculated using a complicated formula involving the distance travelled and number of visitors from any circle as a proportion of their total membership. The net result of this was that Cardiff President, Bro Bill O’Brien, presented the cup to Bro Bill Froggatt, President of County of Gloucester circle. It is traditional that at the dinner following the meeting the cup is passed round and all donations received go to the Bursary Fund. Bro Bill Froggatt thanked all the brothers present for their generosity in donating over £200 to the Fund.

Pictured (l to r)

Presidents Bill Froggatt (Gloucester) and Bill O’Brien (Cardiff)

IMG_0004 (2) (Large)


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