Emma & Becky back from Zambia

Emma & Becky Back from Zambia

At their after meeting dinner on 18 August 2014, 18 year old students Emma Cooney and Becky Gibbs gave Cardiff brothers a fascinating insight into their time spent in Mufulira, Northern Zambia, partly funded by a Bursary award, working in the SMA parish pre-school nursery. They explained how they were fully immersed in the Zambian lifestyle by being taught some of the local language, Bemba, learning games and dances they will never forget.

Getting to the “serious” business, Emma & Becky explained how the poor ratio of teachers to children and the lack of resources led to limited achievement and low levels of literacy. They both helped by reading with the older children and teaching the younger ones songs to help remember the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year. The hospitality of the local people was overwhelming despite their obvious poverty. Sunday mass was a great experience with lively services and lots of beautiful singing. Emma & Becky thanked the Association for their support which had enabled them to undertake this work in Zambia.


Becky and Emma give their presentation to Circle
DSCN8622b (Large)
Becky and Emma with the children they taughtDSCN8626



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