Brecon Canal Trip

Intrepid Cardiff Return Safe and Sound!

On 16 July 2011, a group of 44 brothers, ladies and children from Cardiff Circle including 3 visiting gentlemen and their ladies set sail from the canal basin at Brecon down the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. The weather forecast and navigation charts were checked and the captain advised it was safe to slip the moorings and commence the voyage down the uncharted waters towards Newport some 35 miles away. As the intrepid mariners sailed through the beautiful countryside of the Brecon Beacons National Park they enjoyed a meal and some liquid refreshment on board, the order having been given to “Splice the Main Brace”. Reaching the Brynich Aqueduct some 2 miles off shore the captain reported that the glass was dropping and a Sou’ Westerly and deep depression were closing in and a safe harbour should be sought. The sails were reefed, all passengers were called to lifeboat stations, the tiller was heaved around and the good ship Dragonfly raced back (at 3 knots) via Brynich Lock. As the lock was traversed, passengers were press-ganged into operating the lock gates to speed the journey to port and the tiller was taken over by one of the passengers. The sheltered waters of the canal basin were reached without the need to take to the lifeboats and a role call was taken to confirm that no-one had been lost overboard. All agreed it had been a never to be forgotten adventure.

The eager mariners led by President Chris Archer and Mo Archer await to board at the start of the voyage

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