BBC Visit

Time Travellers from Cardiff  

A party 17 brothers and ladies from Cardiff Circle visited the studios of BBC Wales on 4 August 2015. During the extremely interesting guided tour by two of the BBC staff, the group were shown how both radio and TV broadcasts were managed and had an opportunity to see the studios from which they were broadcast. Various other members of staff were on hand to explain their role in the whole broadcasting process. One of the most challenging tasks of the TV channel is to make seamless connections between content received direct from the BBC in London and local content so that there are no gaps or overruns. BBC Wales produces such iconic programmes as Casualty, Sherlock, Crimewatch and Dr Who and the group tried to find out if they all could really fit in the Tardis.


Cardiff President John Edwards (5th from left) and the group emerge from the Tardis

DSCN2580 (Large)

The art of radio broadcasting is explained

DSCN2569 (Large)

(Next 2) Intricacies of TV broadcasting explained

DSCN2571 (Large)
 DSCN2574 (Large)
Bro David Maddox auditions for the next Dr Who
 DSCN2576 (Large)
While Vickie Adshead meets and old enemy ………………..
 DSCN2582 (Large)
 Eithne D’Auria present Wales Today while Bro Chris Stevens waits to give the weather forecast
 DSCN2584b (Large)
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