A Meal on Me

A Meal on Me

As previously reported Cardiff were saddened last year by the death of their elder statesman Brother, Colonel Sir Chris Peterson. Bro Chris always loved a party and with this in mind he bequeathed a sum of money in his will for the Circle to have a “Meal on Me”. The event was held on 20 April at the Marriott Hotel and was attended by over 60 Brothers, prospective members and their ladies. Bro Chris’ son and daughter, John and Katherine, were on holiday and unable to attend, but the family was well represented by 6 of Bro Chris’s grandchildren and a great evening was enjoyed by all in the true spirit of Bro Chris. Cardiff President, Bro Chris Archer, presented the family with copies of a photo taken in 1963 when Sir Chris was President of Cardiff Circle showing Bro Chris with Grand President Frank Lomas and their ladies and the Archbishop of Cardiff, the Very Rev John Murphy. Bro Bernard Deere, the new elder statesman of the Circle, gave some interesting and very amusing anecdotes from his more than 50 year friendship with Sir Chris. An insight into what the Association and the Circle meant to her Bro Chris was given by his granddaughter, Emma Peterson.

Bro Chris Archer presents the photographs to grandchildren Christina & Nicholas

Bro Bernard Deere reflects on Sir Chris’ life in the Catenians

Emma Peterson recalls what Catenianism meant to Sir Chris

The grandchildren and partners with Bro Bernard Deere & Chris Archer

(l to r) Richard, Nicholas, David, Liane, Christina, Bernard Deere, Chris Archer, Emma, Lisa & Steve

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