2013 Skittles Evening

Peter steals the Trophy

 On 28 January 2013, Llanishen Rugby Club in North Cardiff was the venue for Cardiff Circles third annual Skittles competition. Over 30 Brothers and their ladies vied to win the trophy and the competition was extremely robust particularly between brothers and their ladies as each brother had been allocated to a different team than his lady. There were many bowling styles on view but it seemed to be a bit of a lottery as to whether the pins toppled over. A break was taken to do justice to a delicious curry with all the accoutrements prepared by the kitchen staff at the Rugby Club. Following this the competition was resumed and, a new winner of the Borrowers Trophy, Bro Peter Maunder, emerged and the trophy was duly presented to him by Cardiff President, Bro Mark Johnson.  

 Pictured (l to r)

Bro Mark Johnson, Cardiff President (l), presents the trophy to Bro Peter Maunder with Vice President Bill O’Brien watching on

DSCN3448 (Large)

Bros and their ladies demonstrate various styles – unfortunately non of them were good enough to beat Bro Peter 

DSCN3441 (Large)

DSCN3446 (Large)

DSCN3443a (Large)

DSCN3444 (Large)


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