2012 Skittles Evening

Phil Does it Again

Cardiff Circle held their second annual Skittles evening on 30 January at the Birchgrove pub in Cardiff. Attended by over 40 Brothers, prospective members and ladies the competition was fierce and no quarter was given.  There were the stylish players who couldn’t have hit a barn door from inside the barn (your correspondent being one) and those with no style at all whose ball seemed to be magnetically attracted to the pins. There were also those Brothers whose ego was dented by finishing further down the final table than their wife. A half-time break was taken to partake of a delicious curry after which the competition was resumed and, for the second year running, Bro Phil O’Brien ran out the winner to retain the Borrowers Trophy which was presented to him by Cardiff President, Bro Chris Archer.


Cardiff Membership Officer Peter Sullivan shows great style – but misses the skittles !

Cardiff President Chris Archer presents the Borrowers Trophy to Phil O’Brien

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