2012-13 Membership Shield

Provincial Membership Award goes to Cardiff

At their meeting on 20 May 2013, Cardiff President, Bro Bill O’Brien, was pleased to accept the Province 12 Membership Shield for 2012/13. The Shield is awarded to the Circle having enrolled the most new members in the year. In presenting the shield and congratulating the Circle, Provincial President Bro Michael Murphy said that the Province had had 36 new members in the year and Cardiff had contributed 10 of these making the Circle clear winners. Province 12 Director, Stephen Lake, said that if it had not been for one of the Goan Circles, Cardiff would have won the International award. Bro Bill O’Brien said that the credit should go to the Membership Officer, Bro Peter Sullivan, as well as the previous Presidents and all those Brothers who had made the initial contacts and invited the new brothers to the Circle as visiting Gentlemen.

Pictured (l to r)

Provincial President Michael Murphy and Cardiff President Bill O’Brien.

IMG_0001 (3) (Large)


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