2011 Clergy Night

Catenians entertain the Clergy

Cardiff Circle use the occasion to pay tribute to Bro Denis D’Auria

On 23 May 2011, Cardiff Catenian Circle held their annual dinner at which the Brothers entertain the clergy of Cardiff to show their appreciation for the work that they do in the parishes of the city. The dinner, held on 23 May 2011, was attended by 61 Brothers, ladies and guests including 19 members of the clergy.

This year, however, was a very special occasion for the Circle. Cardiff’s 2010/11 President-elect, Bro Denis D’Auria, sadly passed away only weeks before he was due to take office. Bro Denis had already mapped out his social and charity programme for his presidential year and nominated Velindre Hospital Palliative Care Unit as his presidential charity. The Circle decided to follow Bro Denis’s programme in his honour and as a result Denis’ widow, Eithne, presented a cheque for £3,550 to Baroness Ilora Finlay who received it on behalf of the Palliative Care Unit.

Eithne thanked the Brothers of Cardiff Circle and their wives for the great care they have taken of her since Denis’ death and thanked the Brothers for inviting her and her daughter, Déirdre, to the dinner and for giving her the honour of presenting the cheque to Baroness Ilora on their behalf. She said that palliative care was a speciality very dear to Denis’ heart and spoke of his’ great admiration for Baroness Ilora’s work in this field.

Baroness Ilora responded by giving an account of her work at Velindre Hospital in Cardiff.  She highlighted Denis’ enthusiasm for, and commitment to, education and despite his full-time career in Occupational Medicine, he, unusually, took time to train and obtain qualifications in Medical Education. She referred to Denis’ autonomy, in the truest sense of that word; that is, as self-governing and having awareness of one’s influence and the effect of one’s actions on others.  He demanded the same high standards of himself as he did of his students.   In conclusion, she referred to Denis as a truly remarkable person and an excellent and caring doctor. 


 (l to r) Cardiff President Chris Archer, Eithne D’Auria, Baroness Ilora Findlay

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